About ICIOT 2018

2018 3rd International Conference on Internet-of-Things (ICIOT 2018) puts its focus on the creation and development of Internet of Things Services (IOTS).

SCF2018: CLOUD 2018, ICWS 2018, SCC 2018, BigData Congress 2018, AIMS 2018, SERVICES 2018, ICCC 2018, ICIOT 2018, EDGE 2018 and Blockchain.

About the Services Society

The Services Society is a non-profit professional organization that has been created to promote worldwide research and technical collaboration in Services Computing among academia and industrial professionals. Its members are volunteers from industry and academia with common interests. The Services Society is registered in the USA as a "501(c) organization", which means that it is an American tax-exempt nonprofit organization. The Services Society collaborates with other professional organizations to sponsor conferences and to promote an effective services curriculum in colleges and universities. The Services Society initiates and promotes a "Services University" program worldwide to bridge the gap between industrial needs and university instruction. It has created Services Society Young Scientist Forums (SSYSF) worldwide. The Services Society has provided professional services for more than 30,000 researchers, practitioners, professors, and students directly.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or queries on ICIOT 2018, please send email to iciot AT ServicesSociety.org.